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I tag these things so you can calm your tits.

So Loki it Hurts

About Me

INFP | RLUEI | 5w4 | True Neutral

Hello, my name’s Amy. I’m a Peer Educator for Planned Parenthood, which means that if you ever want to talk to me about anything, please do! Not only will I not discuss it with anyone else, I’m pretty sure that there’s a thing where I actually cannot. This doesn’t apply just to sex; you can p much talk to me about anything, including advocacy, body image, relationships, queer/feminism stuff, personal problems, etc.

I’m gay and possibily panromantic, but that is up for further exploration.

Please talk to me whenever you’d like. I am open to more internet friends, and also it’s not like I have anything else to do.

I do occasionally post about personal problems, all tagged under “personal.” I don’t mind if you look at it, but if you’re going to ask me about anything, please do with consideration, and also note that I reserve the right to pass. I suffer from depression and anxiety, along with one or two other mental illnesses that I’m not comfortable with saying, but I might occasionally express their sentiments.

This blog is occasionally nsfw, and I try to tag images when I’m on my computer.

I am FireboltBat129 on Pottermore, and a proud Slytherin.

Also, I’m on Neopets! I’m wizzy13_7 on Neopets, and I have a neoblog too!

I like to cosplay.

Here’s my face.

Here’s lists/things I have to do.

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